In Pursuit Of The Sound 

All jazz masters have one thing in common: a life-long devotion to the pursuit of the Sound, a pitch-perfect expression of the highest artistic truth. Eric Swinderman is that kind of musician. 

The late Phil Elwood, an esteemed music critic, compared Eric Swinderman to players as Charlie Byrd, Barney Kessel, Herb Ellis, Joe Pass, Jim Hall, Eddie Duran, Howard Alden, Jimmy Bruno, Bruce Foreman, and Laurindo Almeida, noting, he “is a guitarist worthy of inclusion in this august group.” 

Primarily known for his deep appreciation of music and music history, Eric Swinderman is held in high esteem among the jazz aficionados and inspires high regard from his peers in the music industry. 

Eric Swinderman is committed to creating lasting memories through composition, improvisation and education. A master guitar player, he moves easily between Jazz, Blues, and Spiritual music. His arrangements engage audiences and transport them to a world of unbridled joy, poignant pleasure, and unforgettable moments of creative magic.

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