In The Pursuit Of Sound

Eric Swinderman

“My interest in jazz guitarists began during the time I spent with two record companies, both of which featured major jazz guitarists. Concord Records and Fantasy Records provided me with an inordinate amount of exposure to some of the world’s greatest guitarists. As jazz radio promotion director for both companies, I promoted these artists: Charlie Byrd, Barney Kessel, Herb Ellis (individually and as The Great Guitars), Joe Pass (the greatest), Jim Hall, Eddie Duran, Howard Alden, Jimmy Bruno, Bruce Foreman, Laurindo Almeida and countless others…             Eric Swinderman is a guitarist worthy of inclusion in this august group.,             And now, after two recordings made with the magnificent Brenda Boykin (in 1997 and 2001), Eric Swinderman has recorded his first under his own name In Pursuit Of The Sound. It becomes apparent that Eric is influenced by the same guitarists that I worked with while with Concord and Fantasy. With Brenda, Eric explored the Africa roots of jazz. He shared in her enthusiastic performance of the blues – rural and urban. Audiences everywhere have been captivated by this world-class act. …”             The late Phil Elwood, for years the preeminent music critic for the San Francisco Examiner, describes Eric Swinderman as a marvelous guitar player – unassuming, imaginative. He projects a clear, strong line. That description matches my impression of Eric’s playing on this new recording – the influence of Jim Hall (mellowness of tone) and Wes Montgomery (finger style playing). Both are evident in Eric Swinderman’s new recording, In Pursuit Of The Sound. Jim Rogers Host of Jazz with John Rogers, KCSM-FM, San Mateo, CA

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